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MySQL 4 macports setup (See related posts)

If this is a new install
If you did not choose the server variant you may add a mysql user and you will need to change the ownership to that user:
sudo chown mysql /opt/local/var/db/mysql
sudo chown mysql /opt/local/var/run/mysqld
sudo chown mysql /opt/local/var/log/mysql

You might want to run
sudo -u mysql mysql_install_db

You have to symlink mysql to the location on osx

first find out where mysql has put the socket:
mysql_config --socket

Next symlink /tmp/mysql.sock to the right location of the socket
sudo ln -s path-of-mysql.sock-from-above /tmp/mysql.sock

Start MySQL
sudo /opt/local/share/mysql/mysql.server start

Stop MySQL
sudo /opt/local/share/mysql/mysql.server stop

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