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Close comments after a set time in Django apps (See related posts)

If you're using Django's bundled comments application, you might want to have comments for objects closed after a set period of time; to do this, just add a method to the model of the object which will be getting the comments (e.g., the 'Entry' class if you have a weblog), like so (this assumes a DateTimeField called 'pub_date' which represents the object's date of publication):

def allow_comments(self):
    return - datetime.timedelta(30) >= self.pub_date

Change the timedelta value to however many days you'd like to leave comments open after publication, and now you'll be able to selectively display the comment form only when comments are open, by adding this to your template (assuming the object is being referenced by the name 'entry'):

{% if entry.allow_comments %}
... display the comment form here ...
{% endif %}

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