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generateColors() (See related posts)

//Generates an array of size howMany with colors from start RGB to end RGB
//toHex() function is on my profile.

function generateColors(sred, sgreen, sblue, ered, egreen, eblue, howMany) {
        // loop to create
        var arColors = new Array();
        for(var i = 0; i < howMany; ++i) {
                        // set current red descriptor
                        var red = Math.floor(sred * ((howMany - i) / howMany) + ered * (i / howMany));

                        // set current green descriptor
                        var green = Math.floor(sgreen * ((howMany - i) / howMany) +egreen * (i / howMany));

                        // set current green descriptor
                        var blue = Math.floor(sblue * ((howMany - i) / howMany) + eblue * (i / howMany));
                        arColors[i] = [toHex(red), toHex(green), toHex(blue)];
        return arColors;

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