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Check / Uncheck all checkboxes in a pseudo group (See related posts)

This bit of javascript will check and uncheck all checkboxes in a group of checkboxes. The checkboxes are grouped by naming all the checkboxes by the same name.

Javascript Code:
function checkUncheckAll(checkAllState, cbGroup)
        // Check that the group has more than one element
        if(cbGroup.length > 0)
                // Loop through the array
                for (i = 0; i < cbGroup.length; i++)
                        cbGroup[i].checked = checkAllState.checked;
                // Single element so not an array
                cbGroup.checked = checkAllState.checked;

HTML Code:
<input type=checkbox name=checkall onclick="checkUncheckAll(this, grp1);">
<input type=checkbox name=grp1 id=bx1>
<input type=checkbox name=grp1 id=bx2>
<input type=checkbox name=grp1 id=bx3>
<input type=checkbox name=grp1 id=bx4>

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