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Extend FileColumn to work with ActsAsPartitionnedID (See related posts)

# environment.rb
module FileColumn
  class PermanentUploadedFile    
    alias_method :orig_move_from, :move_from
    def move_from(local_dir, just_uploaded)
      FileUtils.rm_rf @dir
      part_it_options = @instance.class.acts_as_partitioned_id_options
      partition_length = part_it_options[:digits] / part_it_options[:partitions]
      #last_partition = @dir[-partition_length.to_i..-1]
      the_rest = @dir[0...-partition_length.to_i]
      FileUtils.mkpath the_rest
    local_dir, @dir
      @just_uploaded = just_uploaded
    alias_method :orig_relative_path_prefix, :relative_path_prefix
    def relative_path_prefix
      raise"Trying to access file_column, but primary key got lost.") if @instance.partitioned_id.to_s.empty?

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