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Bar graph of file, folder sizes on TxD (See related posts)

From besonen.

Prints an ordered list of file and folder sizes in human readable form, with a bar graph to show the relative size of each item.

du -k | sort -n | perl -ne 'if ( /^(\d+)\s+(.*$)/){$l=log($1+.1);$m=int($l/log(1024)); printf("%6.1f\t%s\t%25s  %s\n",($1/(2**(10*$m))),(("K","M","G","T","P")[$m]),"*"x (1.5*$l),$2);}'

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jamiew posts on Jan 07, 2007 at 01:09
du -k -d 1
(depth = 1) will give you a breakdown of the current dir without recursing, great for a quick overview

great snippet! thanks.

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