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DomReady extension for prototype (See related posts)

This gives you a new event (onDOMReady).

Object.extend(Event, {
  _domReady : function() {
    if (arguments.callee.done) return;
    arguments.callee.done = true;

    if (this._timer)  clearInterval(this._timer);
    this._readyCallbacks.each(function(f) { f() });
    this._readyCallbacks = null;
  onDOMReady : function(f) {
    if (!this._readyCallbacks) {
      var domReady = this._domReady.bind(this);
      if (document.addEventListener)
        document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", domReady, false);
        /*@cc_on @*/
        /*@if (@_win32)