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Python dictionary to PHP array (See related posts)

Pass any python dictionary into convertArray.
It will return an array that PHP can read.

>>> convertArray({"One":1, "Two":[2,"Two"], "Three":[{"ThreeAgain":[3,3,3]} ,[1,2,3], "Three"]})

Returns: array('Three'=>array(array('ThreeAgain'=>array(3, 3, 3)), array(1, 2, 3), 'Three'), 'Two'=>array(2, 'Two'), 'One'=>1)

## Converts a python dictionary to a php array.
def convertArray(arr):
        ret = ""
        list = []
        if isinstance(arr, type([]) ):                ## If the instance is an array
                for ele in arr:
                        if isinstance(ele, ( type([]), type({})) ):  ## If the instance is an array
                                list.append( convertArray(ele))                                 ## recursive it
                        elif isinstance(ele, (type(1), type(1.0))): 
                                list.append(str(ele))           ## if an int or float, no quotes
                                list.append("'%s'" % str(ele))
        elif isinstance(arr, type({}) ):                ## If the instance is an array
                for (k,v) in arr.items():
                        item = "'" + str(k) + "'=>"
                        if isinstance(v, ( type([]), type({})) ):
                                item += ( convertArray(v))
                                if isinstance(v, (type(1), type(1.0))):   
                                        item += (str(v))           ## if an int or float, no quotes
                                        item += ("'%s'" % str(v))
                raise NameError, "Error - neither a array or a dictionary was passed to this function"
        if len(list) > 0:
                ret = "array(" + ", ".join(list) + ")"
                ret = "array()"
        return ret

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