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Improved admin_tools for Scoop (See related posts)

If you've ever built a site with Scoop, you know that all that messy hard-coded table-based HTML can be a pain. In the course of building several Scoop sites I've been reworking some of the common boxes to use cleaner, easily-styled, semantic markup, and this seems as good a place as any to post the code.

Here's a reworked admin_tools which outputs as an unordered list (and puts the "edit user" form in a definition list):

my $content;
my @tools = sort { $a->{pos} <=> $b->{pos} } values %{ $S->{ADMIN_TOOLS} };
foreach my $t (@tools) {
        if ( $S->have_perm($t->{perm}) ) {
                $content .= qq\|
        <LI><A href="|rootdir|/admin/$t->{tool}">$t->{menuname}A></LI>\|;
if ($S->have_perm('edit_user')) {
 $content .= qq{<LI>
 <FORM NAME="uedit" METHOD="GET" ACTION="|rootdir|/">
 <DT>Edit User:DT>
</DD> DL> </FORM> LI>}; } return '' unless $content; return{content=>qq{

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