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Backing up subversion repositories from a remote machine (See related posts)

# Author: Jacques Marneweck 
# License: PHP License v3.0

LOCALVER=`/usr/local/bin/svnlook youngest /home/svn/livejournal`
REMOTEVER=`/usr/bin/ssh jacques@hostname /usr/local/bin/svnlook youngest /home/svn/livejournal`
echo "Local version is ${LOCALVER}"
echo "Remote version is ${REMOTEVER}"

if [ "$REMOTEVER" -gt "$LOCALVER" ];
  echo "Remote version is greater than local version"
  START=$(echo "${LOCALVER} + 1" | /usr/bin/bc -l)
  /usr/bin/ssh jacques@hostname /usr/local/bin/svnadmin dump --incremental --deltas --revision ${START}:${REMOTEVER} /path/to/repo | /usr/local/bin/svnadmin load --ignore-uuid /path/to/repo
  echo "Both local and remote version have the same data"

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