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Mount MDF Image files

//How to mount MDF images in any given folder

mount imagen.mdf /path/mount_directory -o loop=/dev/loop0

Also here
Mount MDF images in Linux

Mount Strongspace to a folder in Ubuntu

1) Install the software
sudo apt-get install sshfs

2) Add fuse to /etc/modules
sudo nano /etc/modules

3) Add yourself to the 'fuse' group, then log out and log in again.
sudo adduser your-username fuse

4) Create a mountpoint and give yourself ownership
sudo mkdir /media/mount-name
sudo chown your-username /media/mount-name

5) Mount the filesystem
sshfs remote-system-name:/remote-folder /media/mount-name

6) Unmount the filesystem
fusermount -u /media/mount-name

Directions lifted from Ubuntu forums and here also.

For myself, I had better results running the following command in the same directory that the file that I mounted resides in...

sudo sshfs folder_name

Where folder_name is the name of the folder that you are mounting strongspace to.
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