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Adding "post to" links for, digg, and ma.gnolia in Textpattern

Here's how to add "post to" links for, digg, and ma.gnolia to individual articles in Textpattern

post to <a href="">del.icio.usa> 


post to <a href="">digga>


post to <a href="">ma.gnoliaa>

Clicking one of the those links will automatically post a permanent link for an article and, in the case of and ma.gnolia, the title to one of the above services.

Fix Firefox search engine ordering

1. Type about:config at your Firefox address bar.
2. Type at the filter bar.
3. Change to Google.

The new extension broke my search engine order... cheeky plugin placed itself #1

Ruby script to post daily links to a blog.

This is a ruby script I (sloppily) cooked up to post daily links to my blog. It requires the Rubilicious library, and (because I'm lazy) is hardcoded to point at my blog.

Change the line

server = "", "/xmlrpc.php")

So that it points to your blog and your xmlrpc endpoint. Only tested with my Wordpress blog.

An example run would be:

./daily_delicious.rb myblogusername myblogpassword mydelicioususername mydeliciouspassword 1

The last argument is how many days back you'd like to gather links for.

Example post here


require "xmlrpc/client"
require 'rubygems'
require_gem 'Rubilicious'

        unless ARGV.size == 5
                $stderr.puts "Usage: $0 [bloguser] [blogpass] [deluser] [delpass] [days_back]"
                exit -1
        bloguser,blogpass,deluser,delpass,days_back= ARGV

        # Gather Links
        links_date = ( - (86400 * days_back.to_i))
        r =,delpass)
        content = "
    " r.posts(links_date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")).each do |link| content += "
  • \"#{link['href']}\">#{link['href']}" content += "
      " content += "
    • Description: #{link['description']}
    • " content += "
    • #{link['extended']}
    • " content += "
    • Posted: #{link['time']}
    • " content += "
  • " end content += "
" content += "

Click \"\">here for all of my bookmarks." # Post Links To Blog Via XMLRPC server = "", "/xmlrpc.php") newPost = newPost['title'] = " bookmarks - #{links_date.strftime('%m/%d/%Y')}" newPost['description'] = content result ="metaWeblog.newPost",1,bloguser,blogpass,newPost,true) rescue XMLRPC::FaultException => e puts "XMLRPC Error: " puts e.faultCode puts e.faultString rescue StandardError => e puts e.to_s end

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