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Rewrite SPAM subject line with procmail

// Remove textdrive's ***SPAM*** addition
// by phearlez

# Remove the word ***SPAM*** from SpamAssassin's subject line re-write

 :0 fHw
 * ^Subject: \*\*\*SPAM\*\*\*
 | sed -e 's/\*\*\*SPAM\*\*\*//g'

get firstname and surname from string

// takes a string and rips out the firstname and surname from it

substring(login_id, 1, patindex('% %', login_id)) as firstname,
substring(login_id, patindex('% %', login_id), len(login_id)) as surname

from c_contact
and login_id <> ''

Фильтр на обновление только разрешенных полей

%w(name email address).each { |f| @person[f] = params[:person][f] }

Svn obliterate (dump filter)

Taken and slightly adapted from

svnadmin dump /path/to/repos > proj.dump
cat proj.dump | svndumpfilter exclude somefolder > cleanproj.dump
STOP SVN services
BACKUP /path/to/repos/conf /path/to/repos/hooks (all custom configuration for this repository)
DELETE /path/to/repos
svnadmin create /path/to/repos
RESTORE /path/to/repos/conf /path/to/repos/hooks
svnadmin load /path/to/repos < cleanproj.dump
RESTART SVN services
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4 total  XML / RSS feed