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Export WordPress tables

// description
Export only WordPress tables from mysql database.

mysqldump -u dbname -p username --skip-opt -B --tables wp_categories wp_comments wp_link2cat wp_links wp_options wp_post2cat wp_postmeta wp_posts wp_usermeta wp_users > wordpress.sql

MySQL dump schema only

// description of your code here

 mysqldump familyman_development -u familyman -p -d  --skip-opt    

backup multiple mysql databases and email results

// remember to check that the path is correct.
// This is running on a dedicated server on TextDrive


# This file will run a backup of your desired MySQL database and
# remove any backups older than 7 days.
# If youOd like to preserve backups for longer than a week, like say 
# 2 weeks, then set the '-mtime' value from '+7' to '+14'.

TIME_STAMP=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
echo "starting "$0" on" `date`
for db in db1 db2 db3
  echo ${DB_STAMP}
  /opt/csw/mysql5/bin/mysqldump --opt --skip-add-locks --user=username --password=password ${db} | gzip > /domains/backups/mysql/${DB_STAMP}.gz
  /opt/csw/bin/mutt -s "mysql  ${TIME_STAMP}"  -a /domains/backups/mysql/${DB_STAMP}.gz dev/null

cd /domains/backups/mysql/

/usr/bin/find *.gz -mtime +14 -exec rm {} \;
echo "finished "$0" on" `date`
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