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scriptaculous requirements

For some strange reason, a hidden element that will be worked on by scriptaculous must have its display:none style inline, within the element, and not from a css class.

<div id="flash_box" class="flash_box" style="display:none;">
        <div id="fb_content" class="fb_content">
                <%= flash[:warning] %>
="fb_close" class="fb_close" onclick="new Effect.BlindUp($('flash_box'), {duration:0.25})"> Close This span> </div>

The div 'flash_box' only works with scriptaculous when

is used _inline_.

Escaping single quotes in a javascript literal string

When you need to include multiple nested single quotes within a string of javascript to be executed, escape single quotes with a back slash as needed.

Example from within an .rhtml template

hide_warning = "window.setTimeout('Effect.BlindUp($(\\'flash_box\\'), {duration:.3})', #{@warning_timeout ||= 8000})"

In this example, Double backslashes are required since the blackslash itself needs to be escaped and included within the string of js to be executed by windown.setTimeout().
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