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Bind AutoRecovery

Actually it can be any services, but I take Bind(named) under the spot. It's "/etc/init.d/named start" because I'm Fedora user.


PSAW=`ps -o "%p" -C named --no-heading`
PSW=`echo $PSAW | cut -d" " -f 1`

if [ -z "$PSW" ]; then
    echo "Named not running!"
    . /etc/init.d/named start


Cache a local copy of Google Analytics' urchin.js

Speed up your website by caching Google's urchin.js locally, and then refreshing it @nightly with this here script. Some background:

# urchin.js local caching by Jamie Wilkinson 

# config

# work
wget -O $URCHIN.tmp
if [ -s $URCHIN.tmp ]; then
        rm $URCHIN
        mv $URCHIN.tmp $URCHIN
        chmod 644 $URCHIN

exit 0;

Handling filenames with spaces in a bash for or while loop

// The `find` here gets every directory in my home dir, one level deep, but some of them have spaces... the default 'for i in $(find ...)' behavior treats each individual word boundary as a separate variable, but piping to `read` breaks them on newlines
// Note: OS X `find` does not support "-depth 1" (its -depth opt is for depth-first searching vs. breadth-first), just use an 'ls' with an 'if [ -d $filename]' to test for directories

find ~ -type d -depth 1 | while read filename; do
# ls ~ | while read filename; do
        echo $filename
        # other stuff
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