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Using gnus (emacs' mail and news reader)

1. Launch emacs
emacs &

2. Launch gnus
M-x gnus

3. Group Buffer
3.1. Subscribe to news groups
Check the group list

Subscribe to a group (cursor above the group name)

3.2. Organise your topics
Create a new topic
T n

Assign a newsgroup to a topic
T m

3.3. Some more useful commands
RET = enter the newsgroup
g = check for new mails and news
q = quit
c = mark all unread as read (catchup)
C = mark all as read (catchup)
l = show newsgroup with unread articles
L = show all newsgroup
m = create a new mail (mails)
n = create a new post (news)

4. Summary/Article Buffer (useful commands)
RET = enter the article
n = next unread article
p = previous unread article
SPACE = scroll down
DEL = scroll up
F/f = Follow-up (with cite/whitout cite)
R/r = Reply (with cite/without cite)
m = create a new mail (mails)
a = create a new post (news)
c = mark as read (catchup)

5. Compose new mail and news
After creating a new mail or post (see above) use the following :
C-c C-c = send message
C-c C-d = save message as draft
C-c C-k = kill message
C-c C-m f = attach file
M-q = reformat paragraph

C-h i gnus

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