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Ethan Marcotte

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Master CSS file for smart hack management

Using various hack management techniques publicized by Doug Bowman and Molly Holzschlag, this is the default stylesheet I to in the head of my markup:

        [CLIENT] screen master
@import url("core.css");

/* Import WinIEx-only bugs - hide from Mac IE5 \*/
@import url("");
/* END hide from Mac IE5 */

/*       Import Win IE5x hacks

@media tty {
        i{content:"\";/*" "*/}} @import ''; /*";}
}/* */

/*       Import Mac IE5 hacks

@import url("hacks.mac.ie5.css");

The core.css file contains my pure, "hack free" CSS. The other files referenced above contain any and all browser-specific hackery required to make IElesser browsers behave properly.
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