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snippet (See related posts)

Download code snippets ( from the command line and convert them to text files using man textutil (on Mac OS X 10.4).

snippet 345
snippet 1268
snippet 1281

# $ cat $HOME/.bash_login

function snippet() {
   mkdir -p $HOME/Desktop/Snippets
   cd $HOME/Desktop/Snippets
   curl -L -O -s --max-time 25"$1" || exit 1
   file="$HOME/Desktop/Snippets/$(basename $_)"
   textutil -convert txt "$file"
   rm "$file"
   sed -i "" -e '1,5d' -e 's/.See related posts.//' "$new_file"  # delete first 5 lines of file
   sed -i "" -e :a -e '1,6!{P;N;D;};N;ba' "$new_file"            # delete last 6 lines of file
   cd "$OPWD"
   return 0

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