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Daily rotated backups to Strongspace (See related posts)


# backup folder
MYSQL_DATABASES="db1 db2 dbn"
DIRS="dir1 dir2 dirn"
[email protected]

BACKUP_ALT=$(python -c "import time, sys; sys.stdout.write(str(int(time.strftime('%d')) % 2))")

for d in MYSQL_DATABASES; do
mysqldump --quick --opt --skip-add-locks $d |gzip - >${DEST}/${d}.sql.gz

for d in DIRS; do
tar zcvf ${HOME}${DEST}/${d}.tar.gz ${HOME}/${d} >/dev/null

scp -r ${DEST}/* ${STRONGSPACE_USER}:backup/$BACKUP_ALT/

rm -rf $DEST/*

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ludo posts on Apr 28, 2006 at 07:08
* test the script :)
* detect missing dirs and create them

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