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Find why an Outlook add-in won't start

//Allows an add-in to load after you have started Outlook so you can find out any errors it is getting.

"c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe"

Compressing a directory with rar on Linux

I've been struggling to get this to work for so long that when I finally got it going I had to throw it up here so I wouldn't lose it.
rar a -m5 -R output.rar /etc/

This will create a max compression (not taking into account dictionary sizes and the like) archive of the entire etc directory.

Configure proxy in Windows command shell (cmd.exe)

For use with gems, cpan, etc. Inside cmd.exe, type

set HTTP_proxy=http://my.proxy.server:8000

Directory/File list in Windows

Run, CMD, blah blah blah...

For a pretty tree, do
tree /f /a > tree.txt

For an ugly (but thorough) inline list of directories and files, sorted by directory name and then date of creation, do
dir /s /a  /o:-d /t:c > file_list.txt

If you don't want subdirectories listed under directories, do
dir /s /a:-d /o:-d /t:c > file_list.txt
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