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simple Ruby RSS reader

// fetch & parse RSS into an object

require 'rss/2.0'
require 'open-uri'

class RssReader

  def parseFeed (url, length)
    feed_url = url
    output = "";
    open(feed_url) do |http|
      response =
      result = RSS::Parser.parse(response, false)
      output = "\"feedTitle\">#{}
" end return output end end

Refresh rate in Vienna

Change the default refresh rate in seconds for the Vienna RSS reader to whatever you want. Anything less than 1800 seconds might be considered bad netiquette, but it's useful if you're only subscribed to internal feeds (e.g., activeCollab, Connector).

defaults write CheckFrequencyInSeconds 60

Photoblogging with Textpattern: rss feeds

Add this to textpattern/publish/rss.php somewhere around line 62 (in 4.0.2), or after "$Body = (!trim($Body)) ? $thisarticle['body'] : $Body;":
// hack to get pictures to syndicate
if ($a['Section'] == "photo")
$img_url = hu."images/".$a['Image'].'.jpg';
$Body = doSpecial(''.permlinkurl($a).'">'.$img_url.'" alt="the latest and greatest" />');
// /hack
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3 total  XML / RSS feed