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Scrape torrents on btjunkie

// download all .torrent links on the btjunkie frontpage
// more fun with mechanize @

agent =
links ='.tor_details tr a')
hrefs = { |m| m['href'] }.select { |u| u =~ /\.torrent$/ } # just links ending in .torrent
FileUtils.mkdir_p('btjunkie-torrents') # keep it neat
hrefs.each { |torrent|
  filename = "btjunkie-torrents/#{torrent[0].split('/')[-2]}"
  puts "Saving #{torrent} as #{filename}"

Scrape MySpace friend thumbnails

// fetch all img's from a myspace profile's .friendSpace div
// more @

agent =
links ='.friendSpace img') # found w/ firebug
FileUtils.mkdir_p 'myspace-images' # make the images dir
links.each_with_index { |link, index| 
  url = link['src']
  puts "Saving thumbnail #{url}"
  agent.get(url).save_as("myspace-images/top_friend#{index}_#{File.basename url}")

Scrape YouTube thumbnails

// fun with mechanize
// more @

agent =
url = "" # all time
page = agent.get(url)
# parse again w/ Hpcricot for some XML convenience
doc = Hpricot.parse(page.body)
# pp (doc/:entry) # like "search"; cool division overload
images = (doc/'media:thumbnail') # use strings instead of symbols for namespaces
FileUtils.mkdir_p 'youtube-images' # make the images dir
urls = { |i| i[:url] }
urls.each_with_index do |file,index|
  puts "Saving image #{file}"
  agent.get(file).save_as("youtube-images/vid#{index}_#{File.basename file}")

jQuery namespaced event binding/unbinding

// from a comment by Steven Bristol on

I just wanted to share a really killer event handling tidbit:

Generally you do something like:


Everyone knows this can be rewritten as:

jQuery(’.class’).bind(‘click’, function(){//whatever});

But sometimes you need to unbind something:

jQuery(’.class’).unbind(‘click’, function(){//});

The problem with this is that it will unbind all the click events, not just yours. So if multiple bits of javascript have a click event handler for ’.class’, unbinding removes them all. (This is because there is no way to identify an anonymous function.)

But jQuery is so good that there is a way to handle this: Namespacing your events:

jQuery(’.class’).bind(‘click.namespace’, function(){//}); 

or for reinitializing an element added via ajax:

jQuery(’.class’)unbind(‘click.namespace’).bind(‘click.namespace’, function(){//});

simple Ruby RSS reader

// fetch & parse RSS into an object

require 'rss/2.0'
require 'open-uri'

class RssReader

  def parseFeed (url, length)
    feed_url = url
    output = "";
    open(feed_url) do |http|
      response =
      result = RSS::Parser.parse(response, false)
      output = "\"feedTitle\">#{}
" end return output end end
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5 total  XML / RSS feed