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Technorati Link Count Widget for Textpattern

Technorati tracks when other bloggers link to your blog and this widget makes it possible for you to display the number of links on every blog post. We call them "reactions" to encourage readers to follow the conversation. To add the widget, copy and paste the code below into your blog's template.

<script src="" type="text/javascript">script>
//<txp:permlink />" rel="linkcount">View blog reactions

technorati multi-word tagging bookmarklet : my custom modification

// Replace BLOGNAME with your own blog name. If input is "javascript, text snippets, code" without quotes, output is "Tags: t javascript, t text snippets, t code, t BLOGNAME" with appropriate technorati tag links. span class is tectag. To find posts tagged javascript and code in your Blogger blog, search for ("t javascript" AND "t code") without paranthesis from the Blogger search box at the top, or search for (tag:javascript tag:code) from Technorati.
// This is a compressed and modified version of the bookmarklet code at

var a=' Tags: ';
var t=prompt('enter:','')+', BLOGNAME';
var tr=t.split(',');
for(var i=0;i<tr.length;i++){
        if(i>0){a+=', ';}
        a+='t '+tr[i].replace(/\s/g,'+')+'\" rel=\"tag\">'+tr[i]+'';
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