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Convert MySQL tables to InnoDB

// Slower than MyISAM, but row locking is clutch if you're doing a lot of writes amirite?

for t in $(mysql --batch --column-names=false -e "show tables" mydbname |grep -v "exclude_this");
mysql -e "alter table $t type=InnoDB" mydbname;


Delete duplicate rows from a table

// Whoops, didja forgot to add a unique index to that column? No problem

SELECT * FROM old_table WHERE 1 GROUP BY [COLUMN TO remove duplicates BY];
DROP TABLE old_table;
RENAME TABLE new_table TO old_table; Modified Preorder Tree Traversal

In order to utilize this, I would recommend reading the article located at (Search google for modified preorder tree traversal). It took me quite some time and some help from a coworker to port this from PHP to :D

Replace the application("sql").query("*") with your SQL code, I was inclined to write my own SQL class to make querying DB's easier, but you can do whatever you want.
record = application("sql").query("select * from categories order by lft asc")
dim output as new arraylist()
dim right as new arraylist()
do while not record.eof
  if right.count > 0
    do while right(right.count - 1) < record("rgt").value
      right.removeAt(right.count - 1)
      if right.count = 0 then exit do
  end if
  response.write(record("name").value & " is " & right.count & " levels deep in the tree..." &
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