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Reindex and rebuild statistics for entire database

// Reindex and rebuild statistics for each table in the database

Exec sp_MSforeachtable "dbcc dbreindex('?')"

Fix orphaned users in MSSQL

Thanks to CodeProject for this code

Run this in the Query Analyzer (make sure the right database is selected first).

sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'UserName'

Selecting different parts of a DATETIME with MSSQL

Thanks to this website for the information:

-- The syntax for pulling a certain part of a DATETIME is:
-- CONVERT(date_type[(length)],expression[,style])
-- The available styles are as follows:
-- NULL  Jun 24 2001 9:48PM
-- 1     06/24/01
-- 101   06/24/2001
-- 2     01.06.24
-- 104   24.06.2001
-- 108   21:48:00
-- 112   20010624
-- 121   2001-06-24 21:48:00.000

-- Some example usage:
-- Will output in YYYYMMDD format
SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME,client.birthday,101) as birthday
-- Will output in MM/DD/YYYY format

Limit equivelent for MSSQL

Props to this site for the answer:
// MySQL limit clause
SELECT emp_id,lname,fname FROM employee LIMIT 20,10

// MSSQL equivelent
select * from (
 select top 10 emp_id,lname,fname from (
    select top 30 emp_id,lname,fname
    from employee
   order by lname asc
 ) as newtbl order by lname desc
) as newtbl2 order by lname asc

"The main thing to remember is to deal with all your ORDER BY clauses and also to use the inner TOP as the sum of what you are looking for. In this example - 30 since you start at 20 and want 10 rows (20+10=30)."

Scripting schema updates in MSSQL #1

This SQL statement will alter a table only if a column in the table to be altered does NOT contain a column named 'FavoriteColorId'.


    SELECT * FROM [information_schema].[columns]
    WHERE    table_name   = 'Customer'
    AND      table_schema = 'dbo'
    AND      column_name  = 'FavoriteColorId'
    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Customer]
    ADD FavoriteColorId int

Retrieve MSSQL table information

Retrieve tons of information (length, data type, name, etc.) of columns for a table. Works in (T|MS)SQL (all I've tested it in).

SELECT * FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name = 'Customers'

MS SQL shrink log files for all databases

Truncates and shrinks log files for each user database on MS Sql server.

declare @ssql nvarchar(4000)
set @ssql= '
        if ''?'' not in (''tempdb'',''master'',''model'',''msdb'') begin
        use [?]
        declare @tsql nvarchar(4000) set @tsql = ''''
        declare @iLogFile int
        declare LogFiles cursor for
        select fileid from sysfiles where  status & 0x40 = 0x40
        open LogFiles
        fetch next from LogFiles into @iLogFile
        while @@fetch_status = 0
          set @tsql = @tsql + ''DBCC SHRINKFILE(''+cast(@iLogFile as varchar(5))+'', 1) ''
          fetch next from LogFiles into @iLogFile
        set @tsql = @tsql + '' BACKUP LOG [?] WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY '' + @tsql
        --print @tsql
        close LogFiles
        DEALLOCATE LogFiles

exec sp_msforeachdb @ssql
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