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Disconnect Windows 2000 RDP session from command line

I use SSH to gain access to my Windows 2000 command line, so that will be reflected in the below steps.

Step #1: Connect to the server if you are not sitting at it
ssh username@win2000server -i privatekey

Step #2: Find out which sessions are currently active
query session

 SESSIONNAME       USERNAME                 ID  STATE   TYPE        DEVICE
>console                                     0  Conn    wdcon
 rdp-tcp                                 65536  Listen  rdpwd
 rdp-tcp#7         fakeuser                  1  Active  rdpwd

Step #3: We want to kill the connection with an ID of 1 (we can tell by the username and that it is active)
tsdiscon 1 /v

Disconnecting sessionID 1 from sessionname RDP-Tcp#7

That's it :) Easy eh?

Selecting different parts of a DATETIME with MSSQL

Thanks to this website for the information:

-- The syntax for pulling a certain part of a DATETIME is:
-- CONVERT(date_type[(length)],expression[,style])
-- The available styles are as follows:
-- NULL  Jun 24 2001 9:48PM
-- 1     06/24/01
-- 101   06/24/2001
-- 2     01.06.24
-- 104   24.06.2001
-- 108   21:48:00
-- 112   20010624
-- 121   2001-06-24 21:48:00.000

-- Some example usage:
-- Will output in YYYYMMDD format
SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME,client.birthday,101) as birthday
-- Will output in MM/DD/YYYY format

Scripting schema updates in MSSQL #1

This SQL statement will alter a table only if a column in the table to be altered does NOT contain a column named 'FavoriteColorId'.


    SELECT * FROM [information_schema].[columns]
    WHERE    table_name   = 'Customer'
    AND      table_schema = 'dbo'
    AND      column_name  = 'FavoriteColorId'
    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Customer]
    ADD FavoriteColorId int
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