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Disconnect Windows 2000 RDP session from command line

I use SSH to gain access to my Windows 2000 command line, so that will be reflected in the below steps.

Step #1: Connect to the server if you are not sitting at it
ssh username@win2000server -i privatekey

Step #2: Find out which sessions are currently active
query session

 SESSIONNAME       USERNAME                 ID  STATE   TYPE        DEVICE
>console                                     0  Conn    wdcon
 rdp-tcp                                 65536  Listen  rdpwd
 rdp-tcp#7         fakeuser                  1  Active  rdpwd

Step #3: We want to kill the connection with an ID of 1 (we can tell by the username and that it is active)
tsdiscon 1 /v

Disconnecting sessionID 1 from sessionname RDP-Tcp#7

That's it :) Easy eh?

YAML parameters, session, etc. in Rails functional tests

This lets you embed YAML in your functional tests, for when you have complex form posts you want to mock out.

  post :process_checkout, YAML.load(<<-END.gsub(/^\s*\|/, "")).symbolize_keys
  |  number: "4242424242424242"
  |  month: 8
  |  year: 2010
  |  first_name: Test
  |  last_name: Customer
  |  type: visa
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